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The Ages of the Patriarchs

The ages of the patriarchs follow an intriguing pattern, notes Alastair Roberts:

Abraham died at 175 (Gen 25:7): 52 x 7
Isaac died at 180 (Gen 35:28): 62 x 5
Jacob died at 147 (Gen 47:28): 72 x 3
Joseph died at 110 (Gen 50:22): 52 + 62 + 72

Joseph, it seems, is a summation of the patriarchs. He brings blessing to all the nations on earth, like Abraham. He is the child of his father’s old age who is nearly sacrificed, like Isaac. He is hated by his brother(s) and leaves his homeland, but is ultimately reconciled to them, like Jacob. There is probably more to it than that; I’m about to start James Jordan’s book on the patriarchs, so I’m sure I’ll find out.

There is plenty of weird numerology out there, as Alastair would be among the first to admit. But for those with eyes to see, there is plenty of meaningful numerology too. You can listen to the discussion here:

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