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The Wisdom of the Bees

Travelling back on one of our recent overseas visits and bored senseless by the inflight entertainment and tasteless food, I reached into the seat pocket and retrieved a business magazine within which was a remarkable article written by a successful business man on the wisdom of the bees.

The writer was a successful business advisor, who kept bee hives and taught leading businesses on the key leadership lessons of these precious honey making industrious insects.

Think of a hive with some 50,000 bees all working, and then try to think of a business, or better still a church, with that number of members. Of course, the bible also commends our study of the insect world and the writer of Proverbs encourages us to go to the ant for wisdom. The article had me riveted as I jotted furiously in my journal the amazing insights the journalist had seen. Amongst a long list, Point 3 was the one that grabbed my attention. It was amazingly thought provoking with lessons, I believe, for the church.

Bees Distribute authority
Under this heading he corrects the common misconception about bees and the queen. People believe that the queen does all the work and guides all the activity of the hive. Wrong. The hive is highly decentralised. Most decisions like caring, feeding and fighting are carried out by the workers on the front line and not checked out with the queen. Those closest to the action make key decisions that are in the interest of the hive.
When I think of the local church in the UK, I am confronted with the opposite. Church life revolves around the Sunday meeting with the main player the Pastor. Often we find the main minister or pastor is the multi-gifted plate spinner that not only preaches but pastors, disciples, does the notices, etc. In fact I would put it as strong as one of the greatest hindrances to the growth of the church is the role of the senior pastor. Ephesians 4 tells us that the role of all these ministries is to equip the saints for their service. To release those closest to kingdom action to make decisions that will bring change and blessing wherever they interact with the world.
The church needs releasing into God given mission. Without doing so, people grow frustrated and leave, sometimes on mass. Bees swarm!
So consider God’s marvellous little worker bee and realise that without it crops will fail and people starve. How much more important the local church is, released to transform our world for the glory of God.

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