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Surrogacy Sucks

Surrogacy is sold as a beautiful thing - a gift by which a woman enables other people to have the longed for child they cannot conceive or carry themselves. But this is a masquerade. The reality is more akin to slavery: babies as commodities and women as incubators.

The Center for Bioethics and Culture have just released a powerful 45-minute film describing one surrogate mothers story.

Like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, Big Fertility is what happens when an industry intentionally disregards—and indeed attempts to distract from—the harm it inflicts on its customers in the pursuit of profit. In all the slick marketing around surrogacy there is never any mention of the real and serious potential health risks to the young women who serve as ‘gestational carriers.’

In #BigFertility you will meet Kelly Martinez, a young mother who served as a surrogate mother for three different couples. She was threatened with financial ruin after nearly dying during her third surrogacy. But each of her three surrogacy journeys had a price to pay. Together, the stories of Kelly’s three surrogacies exemplify everything that is wrong with the distorted version of fertility medicine that is Big Fertility. It truly is all about the money.

You can rent or purchase the film here. I’d really encourage you to watch it.

Here is a trailer:

#BigFertility: It's All About The Money from CBC Network on Vimeo.

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