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Further to Andrew's post from this morning, Peter Leithart offers the following observation:

Postmodern notions of power are fundamental to postmodern notions of the text and of the self. There is more than a little irony in this situation. After all, totalizing stances toward life, such as Islam and fundamentalist Christianity, are among the most popular options in the very postcolonial portions of the world that postmodernists aim to rescue from oblivion. Perhaps it’s worse than irony: perhaps the postmodernist thinkers who claim to speak for the oppressed themselves harbour hidden class, race, and geographic prejudices. After all, the notion that metanarratives are in decline makes most sense to highly placed secular intellectual elites in Europe and America. Perhaps postmodern theory is the ideology of rich and well-fed members of the knowledge class. Pointedly: Faced with the conservative Anglican archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, what do postmodern liberators have to say? That he’s an Uncle Tom?

- Solomon Among The Postmoderns, 161

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