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Soundbites for the Sexual Revolution

In the huge changes western society has gone through in attitudes to sex the church has tended to be very poor both at telling the deep story of human sexuality and at providing soundbites that catch the attention. On Think we’ve often tried to do the former; here I have a go at the latter.

Why should a woman take her husband’s name?
Marriage isn’t meant to be about negotiating an equilibrium of power – it should be an unreserved giving of oneself to another person. This means a woman will surrender herself so far as to take her husband’s name; and a man will surrender himself so far as to stand in the way of a runaway truck in order to protect his wife. If you’re not interested in that kind of surrender, why get married?

If two people love one another & want to get married, why does it matter what sex they are?
Why ‘two people’? Where did you get that idea from? How about three people who love one another – or thirty? What about two brothers? Why are your moral lines drawn where they are?

If three people love one another & want to get married, why shouldn’t they? It’s love that counts!
How do you define love? Is it a feeling or something else – something more substantial? Do you think love is meant to achieve anything for society or is it a purely personal thing? Why?

If a couple stop loving one another why should they stay married?
Might it be possible that love is something that can be decided for, not just felt? And might it be possible that love is something bigger than romantic feelings? Is it not possible that human beings have the capacity to make decisions that are hard but which in the end are good?

Personal autonomy should be the guide to our sexual decisions.
Who taught you that?

What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom is no one else’s business and has no relevance to anyone else.
Would you still say this if a brothel opened in the house next door to yours? We all have neighbours and live in neighbourhoods. What happens in our bedrooms always has a way of making itself known to the wider world.

Do you think gay sex is sinful?
Oh, it’s much worse than that: all sex outside the marriage relationship of a man and a woman is sinful.

If someone is born in the wrong body why shouldn’t they change their gender?
How do you decide that a body is ‘wrong’? How can you be so sure that bodies are plastic and self-identity is fixed? What would you advice be to someone struggling with anorexia? Is it morally right to surgically remove healthy body parts?

Some people are gay. Get over it.
I didn’t raise the subject until you did – why are you so obsessed with it?

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