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Regular readers will know about my passion for "Eucharismatic" church life, in which we embrace all of God's gifts, the eucharistic and the charismatic, and worship him in Spirit and sacrament. So it's exciting to see the website that Zondervan have made for my new book, Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship, which features a description of the book and a number of places you can pre-order it. If you like the look of it, go crazy and buy one.

For those who want a bit more detail, the shape of the book is like this:

1. Spirit and Sacrament: Pursuing the Best of Both Worlds. An introduction to the vision, the concept, the language, and the argument of the book.

2. Charis: A Theology of Gift. Why a gift-based understanding of everything is the best way to approach Scripture, and how we should (and shouldn’t) respond to the gifts God gives us.

3. Chara: Joy Unspeakable. Christianity is not always as a joyful as it is supposed to be, but being Eucharismatic can help us with that in all kinds of ways.

4. Eucharistic: What Do You Have That You Did Not Receive? A biblical and historical argument for being sacramentally deep, liturgically rich, historically rooted and self-consciously catholic.

5. Charismatic: Zealously Desire Spiritual Gifts. A biblical and historical argument for earnestly desiring spiritual gifts: prophecy, languages, healing, miracles, the whole lot.

6. Eucharismatic: When You Come Together. Reflections on how to actually put this into practice, whether we are looking to lean more into the eucharistic stuff, the charismatic stuff, or both.

If you’re in the UK, you can get it here; if you’re in the US, go here.

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