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Six Ways to Look at the Table

I've just had the privilege of reading through Andy Naselli's new commentary on 1 Corinthians in the ESV Bible Expository Commentary, and he has an excellent section in it on how to approach the Lord's Supper. Structured around the various directions in which we should look, this is a six-point sermon (or six-point sermon series!) waiting to happen:

1. Look Within: Examine whether you have sinful relational tension with a fellow church member (11:27-32).

2. Look Back: Remember Jesus’ cross-work, and exult in what he accomplished (11:23-26).

3. Look Up: Celebrate your union with Christ (10:16).

4. Look Around: Celebrate your union with each other as a body (11:33-34).

5. Look Outward: Proclaim the gospel to unbelievers who are present (11:26).

6. Look Forward: Anticipate that Jesus is coming back (11:26).

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