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Sam Allberry, Synod and Same-Sex Attraction

I don't know why this only appeared in my twitter feed last Friday, but it's a follow-up Q&A by Ravi Zacharias Ministries after 'that' speech at the Church of England Synod last month. (If you don't know to which speech I'm referring, just click through, the short video clip is reproduced there.)

It’s all excellent, measured, wise, and well worth your time, but here are a couple of extracts that stood out to me:

On celibacy:

God never says “No” to something without saying a bigger “Yes” to something else.

This came over wonderfully clearly in Sam’s speech. Celibacy, for whatever reason, is not an intolerable burden, laid upon us by a kill-joy God who has chosen to prevent some people from full human flourishing. Jesus is the best example of human flourishing we have. If he managed to find some kind of hope and meaning in life, maybe singles can, too. We believe that the laws and restrictions he puts on us in all other areas of life are for his glory and our good, so why would this one be any different?

On identity:

The most important insight the Bible gives us when it comes to identity is that it is not earned or discovered, but received. We cannot on our own determine or discover our own true identity, whether it is sexual identity or any other kind. We cannot know who we are without first knowing whose we are. The only way to make sense of who we are is to make sense of what we’re for.

This is not news, hopefully. We’ve all heard it before, but it is worth repeating, since it is very, very easy to forget in a world that doesn’t imagine for one moment that there could be any source for your identity than what you know/believe/feel yourself to be. It’s one of the key issues of our time and we need to continually remind ourselves of the truth.

And finally,

On the cost of discipleship:

I suspect that Christians who balk at what the gospel seems to cost their gay friends haven’t really started counting the cost of discipleship in their own lives.


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