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Reflections on Piper’s Succession

Like many of you, I’m sure, I am a big fan of Desiring God ministries. Any Christian organisation that can produce enormous amounts of material for which I don’t have to part with a penny immediately gets my vote. And the fact that it’s all solid and biblical is a real bonus!

I have, however, always thought that they could do with a little… how can I put it… pizzazz! Bethlehem Baptist Church deserves to be up there with the biggest, boldest, glitziest megachurches. If only John Piper would ditch the suit and tie, inject a tad more humour and perhaps ‘charismatic-it-up’ a little, perhaps they might finally win that coveted Prime Time slot on Christian TV channels that would shoot them to fame and glory.
So it was with baited breath that I read this week’s announcement about the future leadership of Bethlehem Baptist Church, wondering who they would choose to take them on in the next generation. I was delighted (though I must admit surprised) by Piper’s choice of a successor: the legendary Joyce Meyer.
Author of over 80 books, and regular speaker at packed-out women’s conferences across the world, Meyer is a remarkable lady with an enormous following. Her books include Battlefield of the Mind, New Day New You and Mrs Stuffed Shirt’s personal favourite, The Confident Woman. According to Desiring God, she has also written a rather scholarly tome entitled The End of the Law: Mosaic Covenant in Pauline Theology – who knew there was such an academic side to her!? It is revelations like this that make me so admire this woman.
Meyer has many critics within the evangelical world, but I for one am thrilled at this choice. It is a bold step towards bringing unity in the Complementarian/Egalitarian debate and is sure to attract a whole new audience to the wonderful work that Desiring God is doing.
When asked how he felt about Meyer’s candidacy, Piper wrote: “I am overjoyed. Both at the process and the person. As I heard the results emerging from the various meetings, there were times when I wept for joy.”
I assure you John, many are weeping with you.

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