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Preaching Through the Sieve

A woman was called upon by her minister one Monday. He found her very busy washing wool in a sieve under a pump.

“Well, Mary,” said he, “how did you enjoy last Sabbath’s discourses?”
“Very much, sir; they did me much good.”
“Well, what was the text?”
“I am sorry, I do not recollect.”
“Perhaps you remember the subject?”
“No,” said she, “it is quite gone from me.”
“Do you remember any of the remarks that were made?”
“No; they are all gone.”
“Well, then, Mary,” said the minister, “it could not have done you much good.”
“Oh! but it did me a great deal of good.”
“How can that be?”
“I will tell you, sir, how it is: I put this wool in the sieve under the pump, I pump on it, and all the water runs through the sieve, but then it washes the wool. So it is with your sermons; they come into my heart, and then they run right through my poor memory, which is like a sieve, but it washes me clean, sir.”

—C. H. Spurgeon, Anecdotes

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