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Preach for a Response

Those of us who have the privilege of preaching regularly know the joys and pains of this task.

Some weeks there is a wonderful sense of fluency in preparation and anointing in delivery. Preacher and congregation feel caught up together in the truth of the Word and presence of the Spirit. Other weeks, not so much. Preparation is like trying to carve granite with your fingernails and as the message is preached both congregation and preacher give the impression they would much rather be elsewhere.

So it was encouraging to hear how Sajid Javid had been impacted by a sermon – regardless of whether you want Javid to be the next prime minister or not.

Javid told the BBC’s Sophie Raworth,

It might sound a bit strange but I was listening to the sermon by this amazing man, Reverend Les Isaac - you know, he started Street Pastors. I was listening to him talking about the importance of integrity in public life and, just focusing on that, I made up my mind. I went straight back to my office and drafted the resignation letter and went to see the prime minister later in the day.

Preacher, always preach for a response! On the days when it all seems to be flowing and on the days when it’s like wading through congealing tar, preach for a response. Preaching changes lives.


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