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It has been several months since my last post, and I’m sure many of you have feared the worst. But fret not! I have not died and been taxidermied; I am alive and well and have been busy, applying my enormous mind to the most important questions at the cutting edge of theology.

As you have no-doubt seen, the Church of England has announced that they are offering prayers through voice-activated virtual assistants. Whilst many have expressed amusement or bemusement at this initiative, few have adequately grappled with the deep questions it raises. 

So, I am thrilled to announce that next month I will be hosting a conference, entitled: Praylexa: A Theology of Priesthood for the Digital Age.

In this timely and ground-breaking day conference, some of the greatest minds of our generation will grapple with the big questions. Speakers are TBC (although if my invitations fail to elicit responses, fear not, I will happily cover all the speaking responsibilities) but the sessions will include:

Imago Ai: Must all priestly aspects of the Creation Mandate be performed by image bearers?

• The Priesthood of all Devices: Are we on the cusp of a new Digital Reformation?

• ‘Our Programmer, who art in Silicon Valley’: Does God answer prayers generated by AI?

• The Bitcoin in the Phishes Mouth: Reflections on Tithing and Cryptocurrency

• ‘I do not permit Alexa to have authority over a man’: A Complementarian response to men using female-voiced virtual assistants.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, we will offer two ticket types. ‘Analogue’ delegates will experience live worship, led by a human being, and be served communion from an actual fleshly hand. ‘Digital’ delegates will only be required to attend for 5 minutes of the day conference. They will be served bread and wine from a vending machine, and all the recorded worship and talks will be automatically uploaded to their smartphones, for them to enjoy in isolation. 

Registration will open very soon; booking forms will be available from Christian bookshops on your local High Street. We hope you will join us, for what I’m sure will be a Siri-ously thought-provoking day.



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