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Post-Christianity and Cold Feet

This is a super interview of Tim Keller by Carey Nieuwhof, on reaching post-Christian America (although I suspect the lessons apply to all Western cultures). Keller's comments on what has changed even in the last six years, and how that affects preaching and evangelism, are particularly helpful (first twenty minutes), and his explanation of Christian ethics, and why it will offend everyone somewhere, is also excellent (from twenty minutes onwards). My favourite line, however, is this: "What you have to do to your leaders constantly is to say: we cannot get cold feet on any of this. There is no biblical warrant. You all get excited about what the Bible says about justice and you don't get excited about what the Bible says about sexuality. At that point you're really not letting the Bible animate you, you're letting the culture animate you. At that point you've just got to immerse yourself in the Word, because they go together."

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