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Open Theism or Larva Dei?

Process theology among liberal theologians and open theism among evangelicals have produced metaphysically more or less coherent accounts of primary divine agency and secondary temporal agency. But they have done so only by revising Christian language about God past all biblical recognition. A God who is one pole of a universal process is not the God of Ezekiel or any other prophet ...

In ancient drama, the actors brought the gods and heroes into the theatre by and as masks by which the acros hid and through which they spoke; within the ceremony the masks were dramatis personae. Martin Luther adduced this phenomenon, but reversed the relation of actors and masks. God brings the created heroes and villains of the temporal drama onto history’s stage as masks that hide him—for were he to appear barefaced creation would perish. Thus Nebuchadnezzar and his like are larva dei, God’s masks—as indeed are all creatures in one way or another, and we masks truly are the personae of the drama; we re not puppets manipulated by someone distant from us. Yet behind us hides the Creator.

—Robert Jenson, Ezekiel, 238-239

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