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Omissions of the Year

While appreciating Andrew Wilson's masterful attempt yesterday to identify the very best that 2012 had to offer, I'm sure many readers were, like me, a little surprised at some of the glaring omissions in his woefully incomplete list. He appears to have overlooked some of the key components which go to make up the contemporary Christian life; an error which I am happy to rectify.

I therefore hereby offer my own, humble list of the best of 2012.

Spine-tingling worship moment of the year: Whilst the Brading Bunch’s O Holy Night might have done it for Wilson, it takes more than Christmas Carols in the summer to make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Granted, there is rather a lot of it. But for me the most spine-tingling worship moment of 2012 was Emile Sande’s rendition of Abide with Me at the Olympic opening ceremony. Apparently Sande had the idea about ten minutes beforehand, and she just improvised it, despite Boyle begging her otherwise. Freak.
Cultural allusion of the year: Demonstrating that the Olympic spirit wasn’t just for London, Matthew Hosier carried a little of it all the way down to the farthest reaches of Westpoint, introducing his trademark move:
Matt Hosier doing the Mo-Bot
The youth of the West Country can still regularly be seen doing ‘the Ho-Bot’, as it’s affectionately known ‘round dem parts.’
Abbreviation of the year: though naturally the acronym for my own budding sphere, TOTAL: Charismatic, Reformed, Apostolic Partnership was a strong contender for this accolade, it was pipped at the post by Francis Spufford’s outstanding effort ‘HPtFtu’ which succeeds both in being harder to say than the thing it is an abbreviation for, and in displaying a wanton disregard for the convention of capitalising acronyms. Genius.
And finally, in solidarity with my fellow members of the animal kingdom, I bring you the wildlife story of the year.
Crispian has now made a full recovery and his moving autobiography is available from all good bookshops.*
* If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this story, please contact the relevant helpline.

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