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New Creation Songs

Occasionally I've had the experience of being in a Christian meeting, hearing a new song being taught or sung, and thinking, this song is surely going to be sung in the new creation. I remember thinking that when I first heard In Christ Alone, and getting a sense of how all those languages would work when the multilingual version of How Great Is Our God was released. (I have also, I admit, had the experience of being in Christian meetings and thinking that the song being sung will certainly not be sung in the new creation, as if preemptively blackballing it from the angelic songbook. I will mention no names here, though).

Anyway: I was sharing this the other day on the Catalyst Leadership Training course, and someone pointed out how awkward it could be when the tenses of the lyrics had to change. They’re right; you can’t sing “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King” if you can already see him. So we started working on some new creation versions. It was tricky:

Recently and very recently
We came in, to see the King!

Swung low, sweet chariot
Came down here to carry me home.

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Immanuel has come to thee, O Israel!

There was a day
That all creation waited for ...
We have met him in the air,
And then we became like him
For then we saw him as he was,
Oh yeah!

And I can see a light that has come now
For the heart that held on
And there has come an end to those troubles
But until that day came
I always praised you.

None of them quite work, do they? It looks like some rewrites will be needed.

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