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My Five Favourite New Terms of 2013

Every year, a bunch of new words, terms or phrases get invented. Most of them don't catch on; a few ("selfie") make the dictionary. Because of my rather narrow field of interest, the terms that I enjoy are unlikely to gain traction in society as a whole, but that doesn't stop me enjoying them. Here are my top five from 2013, along with definitions.

5. Reductio ad abspheredom. The process of becoming smaller, and simultaneously more amusingly branded, by multiplying into apostolic spheres.

4. John sequitur. A logical conclusion that wouldn’t follow if it wasn’t stated by John Piper.

3. Reformedish. Like Calvin in a good way (big God, preeminent Christ, truthful Bible, grace-filled gospel, clear ecclesiology, missionary zeal), but not in a bad way (insert problem with full-blown high Calvinism here). This word was invented, as far as I know, by Derek Rishmawy - who I presume would define it in this vague yet winsome kind of way.

2. Eucharismatic. Someone who worships God both through sacraments and liturgy, and through using spiritual gifts like prophecy, languages and so on.

1. Same-sex mirages. The undoubted winner was coined by Doug Wilson, and probably needs no further explanation.

Honourable mention also goes to Obamandias, on the basis that Shelley would certainly have written about the healthcare website if he was alive today. Any I missed?

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