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Mouthfuls of Death

If we didn’t want to be lied to, we wouldn’t be out in the market of lies looking for good deals. If we didn’t want to be lied to, we wouldn’t be buying false teaching from “Christian” authors who teach us un-Christian things. On some level we have wanted to be deceived. We have wanted to have things to believe that were not from or in the Word of God. We do not conform our thoughts to the Word, but instead we wait for teaching that does not address our sin honestly. This can feel like a good idea to a spiritual coward. I hate to say the obvious, but we should not want to be spiritual cowards, growing in our ability to dodge conviction bullets. Girl, you need to do a lot more than wash your face. This mess is bigger than you can handle, and it’s not even cute.

I’ll say it again. The fact that false ideas have found places in our lives is not because they were so good and irresistible that we just didn’t see they weren’t accurate. Sartre did not deceive so many people because he was an attractive wall-eyed, five-foot-tall pervert who thought he was being chased by crabs. He deceived people who already wanted to be deceived. When we want to be spoon-fed lies, we are asking to be a child of the devil, nurtured at his knee. Give me more mouthfuls of death, tenderly delivered.

—Rachel Jankovic, You Who: Why You Matter and How to Deal With It

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