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Living Dangerously

Last week I booked a flight to Beirut for my 18 year-old daughter. She’s going to Lebanon in July to work with a charity looking after children displaced by the conflict in Syria. At the same time my 16 year-old will be in Cape Town, helping at a clinic for those with HIV. I was talking about this with a friend, and expressed some anxiety: Lebanon and Cape Town – are we mad? His response hoisted me by my own petard: “Well you can’t keep talking about adventure and not expect this kind of thing to happen!”

He was right of course. I do talk about adventure a lot, because it is one of the words we use at Gateway to sum up what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus. (The other two are purity and compassion.)

To do our part in fulfilling the great commission takes faith, and courage – which means it is an adventure. Christianity is not a passive religion, but an active faith, that makes a positive difference to the world. Sometimes that means we will put ourselves in situations that feel a little risky; sometimes it means releasing those we love to take some risks.

All the clichés about parenting are true – it does go ever so fast; it does only feel like yesterday that they were babies. But I always wanted my daughters to be adventurous, and I’m happy to be reaping the fruit of that now, even if it does bring out my paternal anxieties.

Not all of us are in a position to volunteer to serve with a charity in Lebanon or South Africa, but all of us who are disciples of Christ are called to live adventurously. Go on, get a little danger in your life - it’s not just for teenagers!

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