Lent and the ‘I’ image

Lent and the ‘I’

We are in Lent, and that must mean Andrew is taking a break from posting - only this year he's being so godly about it that he hadn't even warned me in advance. Such Lenten abstemiousness meant that this week was beginning to look like the first since Think went live that we would have failed to post a single entry - so I thought I'd better put something up quick!

I’m currently preaching through Paul’s letter to the Romans and in anticipation of getting to chapter 7 in a few weeks time decided to do a quick straw poll on twitter. This was the question:

So far responses have been fairly evenly split between the three options, but I’d like to gather data from a larger sample size: if you wouldn’t mind tweeting your response to @thinktheology @matthewhosier that would be great!

Once I’ve got some more responses I’ll post the results, plus what I think on the matter.

In the meanwhile, with it being Lent and all, things might be a little more quiet than normal around here for a few weeks…

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