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Lecrae on Grace

In the responses that followed Lecrae's recent interview on Truth's Table, most of the attention focused on his "divorce" from white evangelicalism. Christianity Today's coverage, John Piper's response to Lecrae, Raymond Chang's open letter, and Brian Loritts' follow up (among others) all engaged with this aspect of the conversation in particular. In many ways, that is not surprising. But I was struck by something else: his remarkable response at the end, when asked what he most wanted to say to those listening about resistance, change and reflections on being a person of colour. Here was his reply:

I would say grace. Grace, grace and more grace. You know: God is extremely gracious to us, and it abounds, and I think we have to rest in that, to reserve the right to be wrong. I’m not saying try to be wrong, but I think your identity is not wrapped up in how right you get it, or how perfect you can posture yourself. Your identity is wrapped up in the Lord Jesus Christ, and so as you move forward, and try to process your ethnicity and identity in a country where it has been suppressed (and systemically continues to be suppressed), there is grace. There is grace as you navigate these different spaces. So I want people to rest in that reality. That’s what I had to rest in.

Given the kerfuffle that followed the interview, it would be easy to miss that. Grace, grace and more grace.

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