An Inerrantist’s Defence (in 250 words) image

An Inerrantist’s Defence (in 250 words)

It's not exactly Kipling, but...

If I began the book with “And God said”,
And supernovas went when I said, “go”,
And galaxies assembled at my word,
And every time I spoke, then it was so;
If all your problems started when the serpent
Cast doubt on whether I meant what I said,
And made you think that maybe, you knew better,
And you should be truth’s arbiters instead;
If lightning flashed and trumpet blasts rang forth
At Sinai when my holy voice was heard,
And if the worshippers to whom I look
Are those who humbly tremble at my word;
If every word of mine proves true and faithful;
If hearing my mere voice makes oceans quake;
If neither my apostles nor my prophets
Implied my words contained flaw or mistake;
If Jesus stated simply, “it is written”,
When Satan tried (and failed) to break his will,
And “how else will the Scriptures be fulfilled?”
Constrained him on his way to Calvary’s hill;
If leaders and confessions through the centuries
Proclaimed my word infallible and true,
And people died to spread it, and translate it,
So it could be accessible to you;
If all of Scripture is breathed out by God,
And thus is truly human and divine,
In such a way that every author’s phrasing
Is simultaneously both theirs and mine;
Then saying it does not contain mistakes
Might not imply pedantic, foolish youth;
Perhaps it speaks of courage, faith, submission,
And resolute commitment to the truth.

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