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In With The New

For some time now, the THINK website hasn't really been all it could be. Many of you have had difficulties with commenting, the profiles have been somewhat cumbersome, and the look has been just a little tired.

We’ve been busily working away in the background, and in the next day or so, you will finally see the fruits of our labours.

Hopefully the transition will flow nice and smoothly, but there will be some time tomorrow (Thurs, 1 May) when commenting is unavailable, and you may experience other problems with the site. We really hope these issues will be minimal, and you will soon see the shiny new look in place.

The biggest change that will affect you is the commenting. Your current log-in will no long be valid and commenting will all be done via Disqus. This will make it far easier for us to manage comments, and will be far more user-friendly from your end too. If you already use Disqus for commenting on blogs etc, you will be able to comment using your existing account. If not, it’s quick and easy to sign up here.

And the really good news is that both the search function and the tagging have been re-vamped to enable you to find what you’re looking for much more easily.

We really hope you’ll like the new look and some of the new features. Thank you so much for being part of this thinking community - we look forward to many more stimulating conversations to come.

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