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I Haven’t Troubled Israel - But You Have

I never normally post on Thursdays, but I just read this in my devotions this morning, and had to share it with someone. It's from a footnote - a footnote - in Peter Leithart's outstanding commentary on 1&2 Kings, and the passage in question is the confrontation between Elijah and Ahab, just before the Mount Carmel showdown:

Throughout Scripture, enemies of God accuse the righteous of being troublers. Pharaoh accuses Abraham of wrongdoing when Abraham is in Egypt (Gen 12), and Laban accuses Jacob (Gen 31). Israel accuses Moses of provoking Pharaoh (Ex 5:20-21), and Jesus is considered a “troubler” of Israel who leads the people astray. Accusing the righteous is a favourite ploy of Satan, whose name means “accuser.” Elijah is not intimidated by the accusation, nor does he reply with a pseudo-humble: “You’ve got a point there, Ahab. We’re both partly to blame.” He simply turns the charge back and refuses to consider Ahab’s accusation. Of course, everyone sins, and Christians must be quick to hear a rebuke when it comes, but often what comes disguised as an angelic rebuke is really a satanic accusation designed to render us impotent by dissolving energy in guilt. That must be resisted - and must be resisted from the vantage point of the gospel: who can bring a charge against God’s elect? it is God who justifies; who is the one who condemns? The accuser of believers has been cast down, so those who are in Christ do not have to fear the accusations of the accuser. We entrust ourselves to the God who judges justly, the God who will vindicate those who trust in him and are able to resist the paralysing scapegoating of those who are enemies of the gospel.

Receive wisdom.

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