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How to Vote?

A request came into @thinktheology for us to give some advice as to how Christians should vote in the forthcoming UK General Election. It’s likely we will have some things to say on this before May 7th, but for now, here are a number of links to things we’ve said in the past.

An exhortation to vote before the European elections in 2014
Regarding the voting intentions of evangelicals
On the re-election of President Obama in 2012
On bigotry
On the mixing of faith and politics
On the Scottish referendum
When Christians should join the revolution
On avoiding ressentiment
On why Hillary will win in 2016
And on why she won’t
Thinking about how societies change

Bottom line my message is always thus: I think Christians should vote, as a means of expressing their obedience to Christ. However I always try to avoid making party political points and don’t reveal how I vote, because I think generally it is not helpful for pastors to do so. I would make one exception to that general policy though, one reinforced by being at a hustings hosted by my church the other night: I don’t think I could ever bring myself to vote LibDem. Honestly.

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