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When is a “Christian” Not a Christian?

When is a Christian not a Christian? How unorthodox or immoral can a person's theology or behaviour become, before they need to be regarded as unbelievers?

- When, having apparently been a believer for many years, they continue to get drunk regularly, and become foul-mouthed as they do?
- When, as a pastor, they actively encourage their parishioners towards sexual practices other than monogamous, heterosexual marriage (such as polygamy)?
- When they remove the books of the Bible they don’t like, including sections that directly challenge their own sins?
- When they commit heresy, undermining the way the church has taught for centuries? When, on being challenged about this, they double down, harden their position, and mock those who disagree?
- When they publicly advocate sin - theft, arson, violence - towards groups of people in society whom they find unpleasant?
- When their theology leads them to deny that you, I, and the vast majority of contemporary believers are Christians?
- When they go into print to support the killing of entire sections of society?
- When they fail to repent of many of these things?

Honestly, I’m not sure. But if God can save Martin Luther, he can save anyone.

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