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If God, Then What?

My first preaching series at King's Church London has just started recently, and we're basing it on my book If God, Then What?. Each message lasts around twenty-five minutes, beginning with two minutes of vox pops and ending with five minutes of Q&A, and tackles a foundational question about the world from the perspective of someone who doesn't believe the Bible. How do we know? How did we get here? What is possible? What's wrong with the world? What's the solution? What happened at Easter? And so what?

As an aside, the fact that we are doing the series in this particular way is probably why I leapt to Andy Stanley’s defence two weeks ago, even though I disagree with him about a number of things he said (and would, so I’m reliably informed by friends of mine, disagree more if I’d talked to him more about it). So for all who are worried that not starting from the Bible is a slippery slope to moralistic-dishwash-blessed-thoughts-relativism, it might be an interesting series to follow.

Here’s the first (How Do You Know?):

And the second (How Did We Get Here?):


How did we get here? from King's Church London on Vimeo.

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