How to look good in…the pulpit image

How to look good in…the pulpit

I am extremely grateful for this innovative and much-needed new website for pastors: Too long have preachers’ crimes against fashion have gone unquestioned, but no longer. Pastor Ed Young, the Gok Wan of Christendom, takes the issue into his (well-groomed) hands. He writes,

Pastors aren’t typically known for their fashion. Most people don’t think of the runway leading up to the pulpit. But why not?! Why can’t the men and women of God set the standard for the rest of the world in fashion as well as faith?

Amen! And this website is a wonderful step in that direction. Dig around and explore the ever-growing archive of videos and articles on what to wear, what not to wear, how to match a collar to your face-shape, what is an acceptable height of a pastor’s turnups, and much more. 
This video, in which Pastor Landon Pickering’s dress-sense is helpfully critiqued is particularly enlightening:

From just one four-minute tutorial I’ve learnt a wealth of invaluable lessons. I have often struggled with choosing one outfit that equipped me to connect with both middle-class thirty-somethings and cynical edgy youth. The solution: a suit jacket with a built in hoody! In a matter of seconds I can switch from respectable-smart-casual to ghetto-chic. A huge leap in missional fashion!
I was also shocked and embarrassed to realise I’ve misspelt ‘hole’ all my life! I mistakenly believed it began with a ‘W’ but alas I was wrong. Apparently it’s an ‘H’ as in “take those clothes to an HNL – a Hole Nother Level.” (Apparently there’s also no A on ‘another’ either… so I’ve been looking to take my clothing to a WAL not a HNL!)
My only disappointment is that it seems tailored (no pun intended) to a casual free-church pastor. There is little content that will benefit those of us of an Anglican persuasion. But never fear, they allow you to submit questions. So if, like me, you’re concerned about the width of your dog collar, what cleaning products to use to keep your stole looking swish, or whether turnups are acceptable on a cassock, don’t hesitate to ask!
And my fans will be glad to know that yours truly will be the focus of the next tutorial. Keep an eye on the site for another insightful video, in which Pastor Ed Young helps me transition from my traditional ecclesiastical vestments to a more modern, trendy style befitting of twenty-first century ministry.

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