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Galileo V

In one of my favourite episodes of The West Wing, President Bartlett is preparing to make a broadcast about the latest probe the US has sent to Mars, Galileo V.

The President is very excited about this, but for Press Secretary CJ it’s just another day at the office. When she mentions the probe, Bartlett berates her “You’re not saying it right”.

“I say it just fine,” she protests, and in a way she’s right; she’s getting the pronunciation perfectly correct; where she’s lacking is in the expression behind the words.

Sam Seaborn, on the other hand, says it just how the President wants. He is excited about Galileo V, he’s excited to learn about what it will see on Mars, and when it crashes before sending back any data, he’s excited about the opportunity to try again, and to do better this time.

When Matthew Hosier says ‘Believe Jesus’ in the first sermon in his series of the same title (now being serialised for this blog), you can tell he means it. He doesn’t have to explain how exciting Jesus is, his tone expresses it far more fully than words. He says ‘believe Jesus’ the way Sam Seaborn says ‘Galileo V’. I fear that sometimes I may say it because it’s the right thing to say, but without the requisite awe and wonder. Matt’s sermons and my increasing understanding of the riches of the book of Hebrews are starting to change that.

I highly recommend the series, both of sermons and, if the first few are anything to go by, the articles (yes, and of The West Wing!).

By the end of the TV episode, CJ, with her newfound understanding of what the Mars exploration mission is all about, is saying it right. By the end of Matthew’s series, I hope we’ll all be matching his conviction and wonder whenever we say ‘Believe Jesus’.

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