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Exegesis is an Act of Love

Here's Eugene Peterson, who is always good at clearing away theological cobwebs:

Exegesis is the farthest thing from pedantry; exegesis is an act of love. It is loving the one enough who speaks the words to get the words right. It is respecting the words enough to use every means we have to get the words right. Exegesis is loving God enough to stop and listen carefully to what he says. God has provided us with these scriptures that present us with his Word. Loving God means loving both what God speaks to us and the way God speaks to us. … Lovers savour the words, relishing every nuance of what is said and written.
(Eugene Peterson, “Living the Message”, San Francisco: Harper, 1996).

Exegesis and love. Two words we don’t often put together, and we probably should.

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