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Evangelism in Lockdown

I've found personal evangelism difficult during lockdown. (I don't mean corporate means of sharing the gospel, like Sunday services and Alpha, both of which are thriving at the moment in our church; I mean the ordinary, day-to-day personal stuff.) A friend of mine holds me accountable about it, and I realised in talking to him the other day that I was getting nowhere fast. So, given that this is going to last a fair bit longer, I realised I needed to do something about it.

An hour ago I sent out a tweet asking for ideas, and got some great responses which are well worth reading. But I was blown away by this three minute video from Roger Carswell, not just because of his track record over decades - sharing the gospel with someone every day for fifty years or so is pretty impressive - but also because of the way he has adapted his approach in lockdown. What an inspiration:

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