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Elders are Bridesmaids

It is great that PJ Smyth has launched a new website. I've enjoyed reading some of his stuff over the last week or so, and lots of it is excellent, but this illustration in particular stuck with me. Elders are bridesmaids:

I once took a wedding where it was pouring with rain and muddy outside the church. I was moved watching how the bridesmaids selflessly got wet and muddy to ensure that the Bride didn’t. They were clear in their minds that the day was about the Bride, not them. They were resolute in their endeavour to present a clean, dry beautiful Bride to the Groom, even if they got grubby in the process.

About a week later I preached a message entitled “Elders are Bridesmaids.”

The Bride we serve belongs to Him. We are stewards of the Son of Man’s wife. And, one day we will give an account to God for how we stewarded our responsibility as maids to his Bride (Heb. 13.7).

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