Dominion in Miniature image

Dominion in Miniature

For those who don’t have the time, money or patience to read Tom Holland’s Dominion, which Joel reviewed recently, here’s a paragraph from Chesterton that pretty much sums it up:

The fact is this: that the modern world, with its modern movements, is living on its Catholic capital. It is using, and using up, the truths that remain to it out of the old treasury of Christendom; including, of course, many truths known to pagan antiquity but crystallized in Christendom. But it is not really starting new enthusiasms of its own. The novelty is a matter of names and labels, like modern advertisement; in almost every other way the novelty is merely negative. It is not starting fresh things that it can really carry on far into the future. On the contrary, it is picking up old things that it cannot carry on at all. For these are the two marks of modern moral ideals. First, that they were borrowed or snatched out of ancient or mediaeval hands. Second, that they wither very quickly in modern hands.

—G. K. Chesterton, “Is Humanism a Religion?”

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