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Does the world need another blog?

At the time of writing there are 151,269,321 identifiable blogs on the internet, so objectively, the answer to the above question is “No.” Looking at one blog per minute every hour of every day it would take nearly 288 years to check out every one of those blogs.

And that is exactly the kind of useless information you might expect to find on the internet!
So why add what you think matters to the list of blogs that you actually bother to look at? Let me try to give some rationale to what we aim to do here…
Firstly, this is a team blog. This means it is going to have contributions from a number of authors. Some of these will feature more regularly, while others will offer rare appearances, like specials dispensations of God’s grace! Team blogs have gone somewhat out of fashion in the blogging world, but they have the advantage of providing a range of opinions and voices, so there is always the chance there will be something to pique interest.
Secondly, while the articles posted will very much be the opinion of the author, rather than an official line, pretty much all of us writing here are part of Newfrontiers churches. Our hope is that what we post will both serve those who are part of Newfrontiers and connect with the wider evangelical world. We believe we have theologically cogent things to say, and this blog provides a forum for that.
Most of our contributors will be UK based, but there will also be posts from overseas, giving what you think matters a more international view than is normally the case with theology blogs. Also, almost all of our contributors are working at the coalface of church life, so what we write is forged in the furnace of teaching and pastoring the people of God. While some posts will be academic in style, none of them will be merely academic, detached from real life.
We also hope to add a dash of humour to the blog with our ‘Brotherhood of the Otter’ section. This may only appeal to the theological geeks out there, but hey, theology should be fun!
Peter writes to the churches under his care in order to ‘stimulate you to wholesome thinking’ (2 Pet 3:1). You can bet your bottom dollar that of the 150 million plus blogs out there not many of them will stimulate wholesome thinking. We hope that what you think matters will be an exception to this, because we believe that what you think really does matter.

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