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Defining Critical Race Theory

This is an absolutely fascinating discussion between Neil Shenvi and Rasool Berry on Justin Brierley's show, on whether Critical Race Theory (CRT) is compatible with Christianity. The reason I find it fascinating is that the definitions of CRT that both men give at the beginning tell you an awful lot about how the next hour of discussion will go. You listen to Neil's definition and you think: much of that is not compatible with Christianity. You listen to Rasool's definition and you think: that is totally compatible with Christianity.

Like postmodernism twenty years ago, terms like CRT, intersectionality and wokeness are being disagreed on fiercely in both Christian and mainstream circles, yet often (although not always) people are talking about strikingly different things. I can’t be sure, but it seems to me that Neil might agree with large parts of CRT if it was defined by Rasool, and Rasool might disagree with large parts of it if it was defined by Neil. My experience suggests that is frequently true in this discussion, and that before wading in to cheer or condemn something, we first need to be clear on exactly what it is. This conversation helpfully illustrates why.

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