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Cordon Bleu and Casseroles

Here's Bekah Merkle with a wonderful analogy:

God has enrolled you in Le Cordon Bleu and bought you a ticket to Paris. But you’re sulking about it because you’ve seen people who cook tater tot casserole and that doesn’t seem fun to you. In fact, you find tater tots insulting. You have met patriarchy nerds who refused to let their wives cook anything else. You view tin foil pans and frozen tots with disdain. You don’t see why God would insist that you have to cook tater tot casserole for the rest of your life . . . so you do word studies to prove that you shouldn’t be required to attend Le Cordon Bleu, and you staunchly refuse to go. You have kicked up a mutiny and are devoting your life to debunking the tater tot, and finding other women who will stand bravely by your side in this fight for freedom.

But who is limiting whose options here? Whose imagination is it that can’t transcend tater tots? Well there are two groups actually, who can’t get beyond the tots. First, the misogynists – who insist that’s all that women can be trusted with – and the feminists, who fight valiantly against Le Cordon Bleu’s despotic tater tot policies. But I guarantee you that if you would just get on that plane, tater tots would be the last thing you would find.

There’s a world to conquer ladies. There is a culture to build. The men can’t do it alone – just think of the mess they’d make of it. So step into your place in the shield wall and pick up the weapons God has given you. No, they’re not the same as the men’s . . . but as long as you’re fussing about that you’re going to be incredibly ineffective in this battle. Pick up your own weapons, and then don’t leave this life without leaving a mark.

But if you decide to sit this one out, if you decide that you’re not interested in taking dominion the way God has told you to, if you’re going to retreat from your place in the battle, then at least don’t pretend like you’re the one on the front lines.

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