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Chat-show Chaplaincy

The recent revelation that Oprah Winfrey has put Rob Bell on her Spiritual A-Team has caused me to ponder anew the spiritual state of prime time TV.

My conclusion: I think every chat-show should have a theologian-in-residence; someone committed to the spiritual wellbeing of the host and guests. A chat-show chaplain if you will. Or, if you’ll forgive the Partridge-esque neologism, a ‘chatlain.’

  • Imagine if Jerry Springer’s final thought were replaced by a biblical homily and closing prayer.
  • Imagine how different Robert Kilroy-Silk’s fate might have been if he’d had a pastor screening his rather peculiar racial pronouncements.
  • Imagine how much spicier the show would be if Jeremy Kyle’s lie-detector were replaced by an Ananias and Sapphira style approach to eliciting truthfulness.
  • And imagine how my book-sales would soar if they were endorsed by the panel on Loose Women.
  • If anyone has contacts in the world of daytime TV, I humbly submit myself for the role.

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