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Can Christians Ever Support War?

One of the greatest joys of the last year, for me, has been getting to know Derek Rishmawy, Alastair Roberts and Matt Anderson, with whom I podcast at Mere Fidelity. In this episode, we were joined by Preston Sprinkle, author of the excellent book Fight, to discuss the question of how Christians should think about war and violence.

It ended up as a fairly clear two-on-two: Matt and Alastair versus Preston and me. (Derek did a great job moderating.*) For my part, the most illuminating part of the discussion was when we discussed Romans 12-13: the question of whether the two chapters present the way of the church (12) and the way of the state (13), and the question of whether 13:1-7 proves that going to war can be the loving thing to do. Anyway: I hope you enjoy the discussion.

*Derek isn’t the moderator. But it’s wonderful how many listeners think he is.

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