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Can Anyone Help? On Baptism and Communion

Theological crowdsourcing can sometimes be very effective, and I'm hoping it might help me out at the moment - so if you've got any wisdom on the following, please help me out by sharing it in the comments. Here's my dilemma.

1. Almost all Christians everywhere have agreed that only baptised Christians can share in the Eucharist / Lord’s Supper / Communion.
2. All consistent credobaptists agree that “infant baptism” is not actually baptism, but the sprinkling of a baby who does not yet believe the gospel.
3. Most of us would feel rather ridiculous if we excluded Augustine, Calvin or Wesley from the Eucharist / Lord’s Supper / Communion in our church. (To be fair, Russell Moore makes a valiant case for it here, but I just can’t go there).

All three of those appear defensible on their own terms, at least to me. But collectively, they leave us in a muddle. If I apply #1 and #2, then I end up excluding Calvin from sharing the Lord’s Supper with me, against #3. If I agree with #3, and admit Calvin (or a modern paedobaptist of whose Christian faith I am certain - Tim Keller, say) to the Lord’s Supper in my church, then I am either rejecting #1 or #2. If I reject #2, then I am no longer a consistent credobaptist. If I reject #1, then I am both somewhat sectarian, and I am also effectively undermining the importance of baptism, by denying its significance as an initiatory rite (which also then makes me an inconsistent credobaptist).

Who will deliver me from this ecclesiologico-sacramental mess?

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