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Bill Craig on tour

You may have heard that the well-known American apologist William Lane Craig is visiting the UK from 17-26 October for a brief tour, entitled "Reasonable Faith". The first event is a debate on the question "Does God Exist?" with atheist philosopher Stephen Law, and it's taking place on Monday 17 October at Westminster Central Hall, Central London. He will then go on to do further debates and lectures in Birmingham, Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford and Southampton, as well as an apologetics training day with John Lennox, Gary Habermas and Peter Williams on 22 October at Westminster Chapel.

There’s been quite a build-up to Craig’s tour, mainly because of the slightly clownish behaviour of some of his potential opponents in the London debate. The Telegraph reported that Richard Dawkins was accused of cowardice by a fellow atheist academic when he declined Craig’s invitation, and he then explained his reasons with a fairly vitriolic personal attack on Craig (which adds weight, incidentally, to Alister McGrath’s cheeky suggestion in Why God Won’t Go Away that New Atheism has many of the hallmarks of a New Religious Movement). A. C. Grayling, similarly, opted out, and then Polly Toynbee, who had originally agreed to debate Craig, saw his debating style and decided that the format wasn’t ideally suited to her, prompting speculation as to what exactly this might mean. So in many ways, it’s a relief that the debate finally has two speakers, and is therefore able to go ahead.
All in all, it looks to be a fascinating event. Full details for the debate, and the other events, can be found here.

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