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Bigger Than Your Bank Balance, Pt 3

In my last post, I promised to look at how we can have an impact beyond the size of our bank accounts as individuals and as churches. This was a thought process triggered by a phrase from Acts 3:6…

Acts 3:6 NIV: “Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.””

How can we have an impact bigger than our bank balances? In at least 5 ways:

1. By asking God for supernatural intervention. Whether it’s by declaring healing in Jesus name as Peter did, or by taking the time to pray for a situation; this is what sets us apart from every other group of people on planet Earth. Our God answers by fire! (1 Kings 18:24)

2. By applying the gospel. Again, this is exactly what Peter did by proclaiming healing in the name of a risen Saviour! Whether saints or sinners, the gospel is the answer to our deepest needs if we understand it correctly and apply it faithfully. When met with a needy unbeliever, this may be sharing the gospel. However, whilst we should meet physical needs whenever we can (James 2:16), sometimes this is not possible. There is still much we can do though, as the gospel remains our most powerful weapon and the answer to our deepest needs.

3. By sharing information. Today I was talking to a friend. A nurse from outside of Zimbabwe, he was visiting a rural community in Zimbabwe. Whilst he was there, he ended up giving some teaching on the prevention and care of bed sores - a very real need in a country deeply affected by HIV/AIDS. No amount of money could solve the problem, but sharing the information he knew as a nurse was in some ways of greater worth than silver or gold in this situation. I could tell it left my nurse friend (and the community he served) feeling empowered. The same would be true for bankers and computer whizzes and in fact, any Christian who knows the gospel.

4. By networking. Often we can bring a great deal of help into situations by putting people in touch with other people. The nature of the church as a body means that we may not have the answers, but often we know someone who does! By leveraging our relationships and connections, we can release powerful resources into needy situations. You meet Thabo who has a situation and you may know someone who could really help Thabo, or who could be really helped by Thabo. There’s power in connections!

5. Lastly, we can powerfully display Christ in a whole lot of needy situations by simply taking the time to show some compassion. Taking time to listen, sitting down for a few minutes to talk, treating a cripple with dignity or healing an untouchable leper with a touch. All of these are different ways of showing a Christ-like compassion of greater worth than silver or gold!
(Points 3, 4 and 5 were inspired by Tim Sanders’ excellent message at the 2004 Willow Creek Leadership Summit)

Do you think you could make a difference in someone’s life this week by doing one of these 5 things? By praying for supernatural intervention, or by sharing the gospel? Perhaps by sharing what you know, connecting some people or showing some compassion? Maybe you can have an impact bigger than your bank balance!

Can you imagine what could happen if every believer in your church, or every believer in your community made a decision to look beyond what they don’t have to what they do have? If all of us realised that we have, in fact, untold riches and resources that are in many cases of far greater worth than silver of gold…

Maybe you could change your world?

Maybe we could change the world!


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