Best of the Rest w/e 9 Aug 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 9 Aug 2013

Due to staff absences, we'll be taking a break from BOTR for the next few weeks, but before we do, here are just two articles you may find encouraging:

The first is a report from Newfrontiers’ annual youth camping event newday, which took place last week. Each year at newday Adrian Holloway has one evening on which he prays for the sick, and see God perform miraculous healing miracles in scores of the young people. He begins the meeting by sharing some of the testimonies from the previous year, which have been independently verified by the person’s family doctor. This is the transcript of one of those amazing stories.

The second is from earlier this year, also from the newday website, also to do with prayer for healing. It is very different, but we hope you’ll find it equally faith-building.

Have a great August, and we’ll be back with more BOTR in September.

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