Best of the Rest w/e 7 Jun 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 7 Jun 2013

This week's round-up of things that have caught our eye from around the web.

A helpful suggestion of 7 Ways of Preaching Christ from the Old Testament from Sidney Griedanus (by way of Trevin Wax).

An interesting piece in The Atlantic on why young people become atheists. A superb punchline, too.

A careful, insightful and provocative essay on “Holy War” in the Bible. Agree or not, it will make you think.

An outstanding sermon from the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Coronation Anniversary celebration service on Tuesday.

A dead Archbishop comments on a live Archbishop’s speech on Same Sex Marriage.

Glenn Stanton at First Things responds to The Atlantic‘s extraordinary piece on same-sex couples.

Romans 2 is a mystery to many interpreters. Mike Bird’s paraphrase here is supremely clarifying, witty and helpful:

And ten books everyone should read before they’re 25ish. Or maybe not… What would your top ten be?

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