Best of the Rest w/e 6 Sept 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 6 Sept 2013

It's back! Have you missed it? Here's a bumper edition of 'Best of the Rest' capturing some of the things we've read, watched and mused on over the past month.

On world issues:

“Crater creating is a whole lot easier than nation building” A spot-on post about Syria by Doug Wilson.

Worldwide, a child gets married every 3 seconds. Here are nine things we should know about child brides, from Joe Carter.

David Lawrence urges today’s abolitionists to take on the sex industry, saying:

There is ongoing debate among feminists as to whether or not prostitution is good for women; some women do find it empowering. But the question is whether the risk of keeping women in slavery is a price worth paying to protect those who feel empowered.

A nice short piece in The Economist about the Chinese house church: “between 60m and 130m.” So encouraging.

“Institutions are channels of blessing for the common good and to devote oneself to their welfare is to seek the welfare of the city.” James K A Smith waxing lyrical about the power - and necessity - of institutions

On theological issues:

Why the new evangelical liturgy (which we all use) is not as good as the old one. Kevin DeYoung at his best.

Derek Rishmawy responds to Brian Zahnd on OT violence, and absolutely nails it. A seriously good post.

Kevin DeYoung has written an immensely important contribution to the discussion of missions…

...and Timothy Beougher offers a helpful counterpoint.

Why were people in ancient times so ready to think a carved figure - say a golden calf - was their god and worthy of worship? Interesting thoughts here from Kevin Simler.

You hear more scripture read in a liberal Anglican church than an evangelical one. Which is interesting.

An even-handed, and fairly encouraging New York Times op-ed about speaking in tongues.

Simon Chan on why we call God Father. There’s more at stake than you might think.

A fascinating take on the problem of evil from Trevin Wax.

On life issues:

Steve Holmes gives some excellent responses to Vicky Beeching on evangelicalism and sexuality.

‘Yes, I’m the mechanic’ Garage owner George Zaloom on why every Christian should find joy at work.

Derek Rishmawy says the church has failed millennials - by not teaching them to love the church.

And finally, one to carry you into the weekend: What’s the single biggest command of Deuteronomy? You might be surprised at the answer.

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