Best of the Rest w/e 5 Jul 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 5 Jul 2013

This week's round-up of things that have caught our eye from around the web.

“When we naturalise shalom, it is no longer shalom.” Super piece from James K A Smith on Kuyperian secularism.

Roger Olson on why capital punishment is heretical.

Are you happy or analytical? A recent twitter survey found that Christians tweet more positive words than atheists, but it contrasts that with the atheists’ more ‘analytical’ style. Food for thought.

Does the UK have the most relativistic of Governments? Utilitarian ethics; rejection of social & biological norms; the iron law of rights: two recent stories on IVF and marriage in a world where choice is king.

“A person of conviction is not one who is unyielding to change, but one whose beliefs evolve based on new information, new movements of the Spirit, new biblical insights and, yes, new friends,” wrote Rachel Held Evans on the CNN Belief blog last week. Derek Rishmawy responded on Mere Orthodoxy, however, arguing brilliantly that sometimes beliefs shouldn’t change.

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