Best of the Rest w/e 5 Apr 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 5 Apr 2013

Here's our round-up of resources we've seen and liked around the web this week.

“Even in the 21st century; despite all the chocolate eggs, Easter gives us pause.” Excellent article about the power and hope of Easter for our world today from, of all places, The Spectator.

Trevin Wax says Jesus is on the wrong side of history. Superb.

Some of this might make your blood boil, but it’s useful to see how the ‘new, new atheists’ think about religion.

Here’s Carl Trueman in iconoclastic form on Princess Diana and “the end of the Reformation.” Bah.

Ross Douthat writes in the New York Times about the “institutional” vs “soul mate” views of marriage, and why the change matters. Excellent.

Andrew made his first contribution to First Things this week: Hunger Games and Dystopia

And finally, this is why we love John Piper. Six minutes that will serve all Twitter users : “humble” boasts, retweets and corrections.

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