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Best of the Rest w/e 3 May 2013

Our weekly round up of things we've seen and heard around the web.

A very thoughtful article on abortion from Rachel Held Evans. You may not agree with it all, but it’ll make you think.

A great piece from Mike Ovey about Colonial Atheism, and its relevance for the gay “marriage” discussion.

“I learned that you go into marriage to meet the needs of the other person.” Joni Earekson Tada in an interview for her new book about her marriage to Ken Tada. If a quadriplegic isn’t excused from serving others, I guess no-one is.

Mike Bird: after reading Dawkins & Hitchens, only one thing unsettled the faith of college-age Christians.

Roger Olson: the doctrine of the Trinity, put simply, is one “what” and three “who"s. And it’s very, very important.

One for teachers:
Good sense from Scot McKnight on Barna, hypocrisy and the Pharisees.

One for leaders:
Piper gives 30 reasons why it’s great to be a pastor. If you lead at all, this will lift your soul.

And one for fun (sort of):
A painfully accurate satire of evangelicalism, me, and maybe you. Carl Trueman at his dazzling best.

And in case you thought we’d forgotten, one from Doug Wilson: The church is not in the dock. And the zeitgeist is not behind the bench in a powdered wig.

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