Best of the Rest w/e 2 Aug 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 2 Aug 2013

This week has seen various people wade in on the debate as to why Millennials are leaving the church...

Rachel Held Evans kicked off the discussion and everyone who’s anyone has replied. We particularly liked Derek Rishmawy’s reflections – we’ve failed by not teaching millennials to love the church! And St Stuffed Shirt missed the point as usual…

The Independent took a strange swipe at Welby, to which Nick Baines replied sharply.

Kevin DeYoung discusses the new Evangelical liturgy and wonders whether it’s really any better than the old one!

Timothy George wrote about the ‘blackballing’ of In Christ Alone, and what that says about our modern views of God.

Reza Aslan, whose new book on Jesus has surely seen increased sales as a result of a rather embarrassing interview from Fox News, has nevertheless made a good number of theological blunders. Anthony Le Donne picks out a few.

Rick Warren has preached his first sermon since his son’s tragic suicide earlier this year. Time carries this moving article about it.

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