Best of the Rest w/e 28 Jun 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 28 Jun 2013

As another month draws to a close, here's a selection of articles to ease you through the weekend.

Carl Trueman on cynicism and church history. The intellectual equivalent of a good, brisk walk.

Why does God allow suffering? Bill Hybels answers simply and briefly here, and here’s an intermediate level take on the subject, from Tim Keller. Brilliant preaching.

Luke Gittos on how Stuart Hall’s outrageous sentence reflects the modern desire for revenge, not justice.

A brilliant, and very timely, editorial from Andy Crouch on “Sex without bodies.”

“Sex is what God did; gender is what we think we’re doing.” Doug Wilson on fine form.

“It is safer to be an expectant mother in pro-life Ireland than pro-choice America or Britain.” John Aroutiounian debunks some “legal abortion makes pregnancy safer” myths.

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