Best of the Rest w/e 27 Sept 2013 image

Best of the Rest w/e 27 Sept 2013

A few gleanings from our web-based wanderings (and wonderings) this week. What have you seen that's worth sharing?

After Matthew and Jennie posted last week on parkrun and Ceroc respectively, here’s an article from The Church Times about what churches can learn from football. Must be something in the air.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby manages to be inspiring on almost any topic. Here he is on the Church working with Housing Associations:

The Church’s action is driven by the Christian experience of being overwhelmed by the love of God, given without condition through Jesus Christ.

Theos held an event yesterday in which Francis Spufford (he of the HPtFtu) talked about his book Unapologetic. If you missed it, were intrigued by the live tweeting, or just want to experience it again, you can listen to it here [Warning: contains occasional swearing].

There’s a wonderful article on Mary in the new First Things magazine. What do Protestants do with the four big claims of Mariology?

“When your kids have to ask what you’re doing this Sunday, it’s already game over.” Trevin Wax on parenting & youthwork.

But what if you don’t have kids and long for them? Emma Scrivener gives some thoughtful advice on how to cope with infertility. Honest, and rare.

In case you can’t wait until publication day, you can read the first 74 pages of NT Wright’s big book on Paul now.

But before you start reading that, watch this thoroughly outstanding three minute video on Halloween from Glen Scrivener.

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